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Chris is an amazing therapist! Having seen well over a dozen other doctors, naturopaths and acupuncturists in the last 3 years i’ve found that he is the most effective for any of my needs. It doesn’t matter if i need immune support and ridding myself of a cold, more energy and power for workouts, reducing stress or getting better sleep; he always sends me home feeling worlds better and well balanced. Chris takes a genuine interest in the well being of his patients and really goes above and beyond in the interest of sending people home better than they walked in.

-Sabah T.


Chris is great! I initially went to see him about my constant back pain, and on my first visit, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I felt after. At some point I really did think “So, this is what a pain free back feels like…” After the first couple of visits, we started to also work on my Stress/Anxiety issues and I do notice a difference. While the treatment path for acupuncture can be long, I haven’t found any other medical professional to help with my issues as quickly as Chris is able to. The instant pain relief on the visits that we focus on my back make me feel like a normal person again.

-Harmony J.

 “I was fairly new to acupuncture when I began visiting Chris and knew little about what to expect from the treatments. He not only answered all of the questions I had but would check to make sure I understood the answer he was giving for each one. I really appreciate that he takes the time to reacquaint himself with my over all well being before each session and asks what I have been struggling with as well as what I’d like to get out of the treatment. I found it easy to be completely forthcoming about my health (including all of my bad habits) without ever feeling judged or having to endure disapproving looks. After every visit I leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated ready to conquer the world!”

-Michael S.


Whenever I visit Seattle, I schedule at least two appointments with Chris Landoll. I always feel great after his treatments. Chris is very attentive to the total condition of his patients, frequently checks pulses and asks for patient responses to his continuing treatment. I like his caring attitude which is all too often missing in healers today, and I love the results I get from his treatments. I have every reason to recommend Chris to anyone wanting acupuncture treatments.

-Milo H.

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  1. I had not tried acupuncture before meeting with Chris, and I was pretty nervous about the idea of being poked with needles. Immediately, I felt calm with Chris as he took the time to listen to my concerns and educate me on acupuncture. I’ve appreciated that he looks at the person holistically. Over time, I’ve become more attuned to my body rather than just noticing the pain from migraines and injuries. It’s a much different experience ‘living in my body’ rather than responding to pain. Thank you Chris!


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