Conditions Treated

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that releases tension in the body and mind and stimulates your own internal healing resources to correct many imbalances. In particular, I specialize in treating the following conditions:

Pain – Acupuncture excels at treating musculoskeletal pain – most back pain; neck, knee, and elbow pain, tension headaches, TMJ, carpal tunnel pain, etc. – often with immediate relief.

Allergies and digestive ailments – Acupuncture is very helpful for reducing inflammation and toning down an overactive immune system, which can present as allergies and sensitivities, eczema, IBS, and a propensity to catch colds easily.

Stress – Acupuncture can profoundly calm the nervous system and ease the chronic “fight-or-flight” feeling that underlies so many modern ailments from mental health issues and addiction to insomnia to hypertension.

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