Conditions Treated

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that stimulates your body and mind’s internal healing resources to correct imbalances. However, the World Health Organization considers acupuncture helpful and effective in treating the following conditions:

Chronic pain, including muscle pain, arthritis, nerve pain, and tension headache/migraine

Fatigue, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

Mental health, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and stress

Women’s issues, such as dysmenorrhea and menopause

Cardiovascular disorders, such as hypertension and angina

Skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea

Endocrine disorders, including diabetes and hypo/hyperthyroidism

Digestive complaints, including GERD, constipation, IBS

Fertility (male and female) and pregnancy issues, including morning sickness

Respiratory problems, such as allergies, asthma, sinusitis, and symptoms of the common cold/flu

Support for other issues, like smoking cessation, weight loss, and general well-being.

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