Acupuncture and Meditation

Acupuncture and Mediation 2

We have a deep need to cultivate peace within ourselves. I believe the world needs us to do this, too.

I’ve practiced meditation for over 15 years now. I began during a very difficult period of my life that led me to a long spiritual journey to India. But meditation doesn’t belong to any religion or specific tradition. At its heart, meditation is the practice of developing a peaceful awareness of your mind and body and can be practiced anywhere, anytime, even while you’re working or just walking down the street.

Gradually, we can learn to consciously still our minds, deepen our breath, and let our inner tensions relax. This is so essential for health and for recovering from any illness or injury. Our inner tensions arise in response to life’s various insults and injuries–physical or emotional–as a way of protecting us. Over time, though, they prevent the healthy flow of our natural vital energy (or optimal physiological functioning, if that sounds better to you).

Acupuncture is the most useful tool that I have found to allow us to access that level of inner stillness, where we can let go of tensions so deeply ingrained that we were not even conscious of them. For those of us unable to go live on a mountaintop, acupuncture is therapy for our minds and our nervous systems. It resets our system and clears the static so that we can go back out into the world as happier and less reactive people. The world needs more happy and reasonable people.

If you have ever been interested in cultivating a more peaceful, less painful self, I encourage you to try acupuncture and incorporate some kind of meditation or breathing practice into your life. I’m always happy to talk more about these things in the clinic and show you how acupuncture can be a profoundly helpful aid in your life.

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